Finding Pokémon, on holiday

19/08/2016 14:11:02
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Bored of bagging the same old Pokémon? Why not consider taking the kids on a Pokémon Go adventure in the UK!

Whether you’re setting out as a new trainer, or are a seasoned explorer on the road to catching them all, you can take full advantage of the vast variety of Pokémon found across the UK's stunning locations and attractions.


Bournemouth boasts some of the most exquisite beaches in Europe along with an impressive cluster of Pokéstops essential for your adventuring. You can even stock up on pokéballs and potions across the golden sandy beaches.

If you’ve never visited Bournemouth, now is the perfect time to make the most of the sweeping beaches and luscious gardens that make it one of the UK’s most attractive seaside towns. The sheer popularity of Bournemouth means that the area is crammed full of busy Pokéstops and Pokégyms where you can gain those essential experience points to be the very best.


Here be dragons. Discover the wonders of Corfe Castle where you can be on the lookout for a Dratini, Dragonaire or Dragonite. 

Journey your way to the top of this enchanting construct and feel the rich history come to life as you imagine the battles from the hilltop views that stretch across Dorset. The chance of running into one of the mysterious dragons of Pokémon GO captivates the magical essence that is felt in the in the castle as well as the village of Corfe.


Choose a New Forest National Park tour to take your hunt on the road. Discover the natural beauty and array of wildlife including rarer Pokémon like Rapidash and Tauros.

The open-top bus tours provide you with spectacular views of the National Park’s ancient forests and wandering wildlife. With the flexibility to choose between a variety of routes as well as the opportunity to hop on and off whenever you please, these New Forest tours accompanied by audio commentary, deliver you the chance to roam for a range of Pokémon types across different terrains.


Take a trip back in time at Portsmouth’s remarkable Historic Dockyard where you can add a variety of water Pokémon like Cloyster and Golduck to your arsenal. 

This must-see attraction is in a prime location for you to search for those rare water types. From historic ship tours to the Royal Navy museum, this fantastic day out had something to keep everyone entertained while you bolster up your Pokémon armada with the likes of Dewgong and Wartortle.


Fancy uncovering your favourite fossil Pokémon? The likes of Kabutops and Omastar could be waiting for you as you explore the captivating Jurassic Coast.

Why not take a dive into the past at notorious landmarks like Durdle Door, where the story of 185 million years of natural history unfolds within the ancient landscapes. As a stretch of 95 miles of coastline between Devon and Dorset, the Jurassic Coast, as well the opportunity to bump into Pokémon such as Aerodactyle, is something not to be missed. 


The Emirates Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth not only provides you with outstanding views of the city but can also take your bird Pokémon collection to the next level.

Soar to the top of one of Portsmouth’s most notable attractions to keep on the lookout for the likes of Fearow and Pidgeot. Make the Spinnaker Tower part of your experiences on the south coast as this modern British icon that reaches above Big Ben, London Eye and Blackpool Tower provides you with captivating views and Pokémon hunting opportunities. 


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