Hidden beaches and coves in Jersey and Guernsey

18/07/2016 12:25:54
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When visiting a great destination like the Channel Islands, it can be all too easy to only scratch the surface of all there is to experience. Dig a little deeper however, and you’ll no doubt come across some of the hidden treasures the Islands have to offer; in and amongst the expanse of striking countryside and coastline there is so much to discover. Sublime views from cliffs and hilltops, beautiful wildlife, and the rich heritage of the islands, which rather than being quarantined in museums is embedded in the landscape.

We know that it can be hard to know where to begin, so to help you get started, we thought we’d share some of our favourite concealed gems. Don’t miss out on an adventure; you won’t be disappointed. 



Petit Bôt

This beach is one of the prettiest Guernsey has to offer. Enclosed by sloping cliffs sheltering the cove, there are small caves, and warm shallow waters. The beach also is home to caves, waiting to be explored. There is a café next to the beach, so refreshments are readily available, though a picnic could be a great option too. Still standing overlooking Petit Bôt Bay is an 18th Century loop-holed tower, that was used to defend against French encroachment, an interesting structure, testament to Guernsey’s once key strategic position in the English Channel.

Le Havre de Bon Repos 

In walkable proximity to Petit Bôt, this stretch of coastline consists of rocky shore, a slightly rugged but sublimely beautiful landscape overlooking the English Channel. Here there are also the remains of some Roman defences, which are remarkably well preserved. This spot holds further appeal for history lovers; it is next to the large German tower, Stuetzpunkt (Strongpoint) Rabenstein, which was constructed on the remains of Corbierre Castle, which dates back to the middle ages.

Queen’s Valley Reservoir

The reservoir is Jersey’s most recently constructed, and whilst its main function is providing Jersey with water, it also is a lovely place to walk, have a picnic, and relax into the surrounding tranquillity. The spot can be a haven for all, though it is particularly well suited to couples looking for a peaceful escape, and budding fisherman looking to try their luck trout fishing. The scenery is complete with flowers and birds, all adding to the serene atmosphere.


Plemont Bay

This beach is a true suntrap, and is sheltered by the steep cliffs that enclose it. Though a brief walk and down a steep set of steps, this beach is well worth it. Rarely crowded, there is breathtaking scenery including water of rich turquoise which is ideal for swimming in low tide. The rock pools and sea caves add to this beach’s individuality, and an excellent cafe situated atop the cliffs.


La Guet & Nature Trail

La Guet is a beautiful pine forest area which lies between a nature trail, and Saumarez Park. In La Guet you will also find the remains of WW2 fortifications, and views that encompass the entirety of the West coast. Continuing to follow the nature trail not only provides the benefit of a tranquil and scenic wander, but ends at Cobo bay, where there is a lively Bay and Beach.

Bonne Nuit

Perhaps the most picturesque bay Jersey has to offer, with a tradition in fishing. The pier and surrounding cliffs offer protection from the wind, and he cliff paths around the bay give a stunning view, elevated high above the seafront. This beach is not ideal for swimming, however for a peaceful escape from the rest of Island life, it is perfect. 

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