Discover the surf capital of Europe: Hossegor

13/10/2015 09:54:11
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Endless golden sand beaches, crystal clear lakes, exquisite food and extensive forests, its safe to say Hossegor (also called Soorts-Hossegor) is a special place. 

The town centre holds over 200 shops and enough cafes and restaurants to keep anyone happy. Take your time exploring the French surfing capital, and keep in mind that this is more than just another Atlantic beach resort. Hossagor boasts the most beautiful lake between the town centre and the beach. Make a point of stopping at the bridge on Avenue Paul Lahary, where you find a great view, and you’ll often be joined by adrenaline junkies jumping into the lake below. The lake runs for 7 kilometres, leading to the adjoining town of Capbreton.

Capbreton beach bunkers previously laid buried for up to 30 years, have been uncovered by spring tides coupled with gale force winds, and are a magnificent sight.

Cap Breton Beach Bunkers

 You’ll be able to spot the series of German concrete bunkers located either in the water or directly on the beach.

Cap Breton Beach Bunkers

Top Tip - Golf is another popular activity in the Soorts-Hossegor region and elsewhere around Biarritz - there are plenty of beautiful courses to choose from.


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