St Malo: The highlights

06/10/2017 14:48:24
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With Autumn now in full swing, why not get a Day Trip to St Malo booked before the leaves start to fall?

With up to 7 hours ashore, that’s plenty of time to enjoy a whistle stop tour!

We’ve picked some of our favourites below, but with plenty more inspiration on our blog to whet your appetite!

Bon Voyage!


Eat crêpes! at Breizh Café

This will be one of your most memorable meals in Brittany. The creative chef combines traditional Breton ingredients and galette and crêpe styles with Japanese flavours and brilliant textures and presentation. 


A touch of History - Château de St Malo

Château de St-Malo was built by the dukes of Brittany in the 15th and 16th centuries, and now holds Musée d'Histoire de St Malo which looks at the life and history of the city. The castle's lookout tower offers eye-popping views of the old city.


Sandy Toes –  Plage de l'Eventail

Outside the northern walls of St Malo is the Plage de l'Eventail which is the rockiest of the Old Town's three beaches. It links up with the Grande Plage at Fort National.

As a child, Chateaubriand described how this was one of his favourite places to play.


Ile du Grande Bé

Getting out to this rocky islet involves a well-timed walk at low tide. The famous St Malo-born writer Chateaubriand is buried here. The tides move quickly and you could find yourself stranded for six hours, so choose your moment carefully! Just beyond Ile du Grande Bé is the 17th-Century, For du Petit Bé. This awe-inspiring fortress is even open for 30-minute guided tours. 



Local Musings - Halle Au Blé

Explore St Malo's Intra-Muros market for a little reminder of your trip to St Malo. Held in the Halle Au Blé on Tuesday and Friday mornings, it’s a treasure trove of local produce!

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