Exploring the French Atlantic Coast

13/10/2015 09:25:51
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The West Atlantic coast of France has a special and timeless appeal. Characterised with varied landscapes and seaside towns, where many individuals spend long hot summer month away. There is an overall indescribable atmosphere about the entire coast, which exerts an irresistible draw. From Brittany in the north to Biarritz in the south, France's Atlantic coast has something to offer everyone at every budget.


For the perfect way to explore the west coast, we’d highly recommend taking your car. It makes for access to the region much easier, and driving along the coast and through the Basque interior is beautiful, with steep rock gardens and lush vegetation framing your views.


The further south you travel, the more forests and leisure lakes to explore! Be sure to consider the endless cycling opportunities as well as beautiful hiking tracks that intertwine throughout the region.

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